The pulse of a word on my veins

Doesn’t stop after a sentence, nor a paragraph

It lingers, twirling around my synapses

Like they are organic,

Part of my lifeline

And I can’t help, 

But consume the words like they are my only substance

It keeps me floating

Whether that’s toward a miserable fate, 

Or a shining future

I can’t tell

Yet I cling onto these words

Pumping in my blood

When my fingers don’t move

And my brain turns into plastic

I imagine they will stay

Ink in the pages

Thoughts within the binding 


So I let my mind spiral

I let my emotions bleed onto the paper

Until I am left barren

Because I imagine a future

Where these words defy time and space

And I can’t help but smile

Even if it’s just one sentence

To remember it,

Is for me to defy time and space as well



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