Immature Mind

How do I explain this situation?
A strange thing is happening to me now.
I am developing feelings for you.
I have treated you so unfairly,
But you loved me,
You loved me with sincerity.
I saw my loss when you closed the door.
Give me a chance and come back,
Come back to me.

You cried when I did not comply with your wish.
Now I am facing the woe.
I thought you were just using me.
I was insensitive to your needs.
You are the right girl for me, though.
I did not think twice before I spoke,
And so I am paying,
I am paying the price.

Do you believe me now?
I really wanted to love you,
But I could not do it.
I just did not know how.
I could not make up my immature mind,
And I was only wasting your time.
Things are not the same anymore;
I have come to my senses now.
Please accept my apology,
For I am crawling,
I am crawling to you.

Think about the way you felt before.
Have you lost all the love you had for me?
Please give me an answer,
Tell me right now.
Remember how you used to love me?
Where is your ardent love?
How did you lose it?
Baby, you need it,
You need it today.

If I could bring back the old times,
The days when you depended on my love,
I would be more careful with your heart.
And I would not make the same mistakes.
I know it is too late,
You are already gone.
If I knew how much you needed me,
My tears would not be flowing;
Neither would I be calling,
Calling out to you.

Now that I adore you so badly,
Please do not correct me harshly.
I have much regrets.
Why did I let you go away?
You left about a year ago,
But it feels like only a few minutes.
You stopped loving me,
And now I am falling,
I am falling in love with you.


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