The Imagineer

A puff of steam swirls above the engine as the piercing whistle blows

"ALL ABOAD!" the conductor cries

Then the lumbering crowds shuffle onto the locomotive, each person seating themselves to their own rows.

Just as I stumble aboard into my seat, away the train flies.

zipping far from the Imagination Station.

I stare in amazment at the sights we pass by, through the windows of the train.

I have to see more, I decide, mesmerized in pure fascination.

Swiftly I got to my feet navigating between the seats in that narrow lane.

I never took my eyes off the windows as I struggle past the other passengers, who some how appear to be completly unfazed.

Through the windows I could see so many people, and so many places

There are so many new ideas and so many unexplored spaces

I wander further and further up the train until I find myself at the engine, and I open the door, amazed,

for inside stood the Imagineer.

His eyes twinkled brightly with glee,

And his big, bushy, beard could not disguise his grin, which spread from ear to ear.

"It's absolutely marvelous isn't it?" he asks me

I reply with a nod as he goes on

"It's an amazing place, the Imagasphere . . .

full of queer findings, and ideas that never cease, stretching through time and space, going on and on . . .

but . . ." he says with a mischievous smile " . . . it's even better when you get to steer."

Once the trip ended, and I got off the train,

I decided from that day forward that I would become an Imagineer

Others may think this decision unwise, or even insane,

but I know I want to be able to steer through the Imagisphere for myself.


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