Imagine a World

Imagine a world 

Where you serve daily

Give daily

Put everyone else before you, daily

Imagine a world. 


Imagine a world 

WIth daily smiles

Daily laughters

Where people see you, and there day gets better

Imagine a world. 


While you may imagine

I dream.

I dream of a day

Where all I can say

Is that I love what I do.


This world that I speak of

Is the world of hospitality. 

This is my world

This is my dream. 


Hotel Manager

That is what I dream

That is what I will do. 


Every path has an end.

Every path has a goal,

A prize,

A finish line. 


In order to get there,

You must be aware.

That humbleness

Is the key. 


A servants heart

But the mind of a king.

That is who I am

That is how I think. 


An education

A degree

That is all I need. 


What can stop me,

Who can stand in my way?

The answer is simple,

Only me can stand in my way.


My attitude

My choice.

No matter who says what,

At the end, it's my voice.


It's my voice that declares

It's my voice that speaks. 

It's my ears that listen.

It is my heart that hopes. 


I can't do this alone

However, I am never on my own.

Because I believe there is a man upstairs.

Who's promise is set in stone. 


So you see,

I do know

I do see

That at the end of the day

It is only me.


It is only me

That can declare victory.

With help from above

Everyone will see.


The world I imagined

The world I dreamed

Becoming a reality

And that reality will be me. 



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