The Imagine of We Women

Aniyah Jones

The Imagine of We Women


Dear Society,

The imagine you have self created for women

Is not the imagine that we women have created for ourselves

In your perceptions of women, our opinions don’t matter

The only things that matter are our bodies and what we can do for men


But we women are so much more than what meets the eye

And is sad that you can’t see we are angels in disguise

Because the imagine you have self created for women is beneath everything we are

We are strong, endurable, ambitious, and powerful

Not weak, intolerable, indolent, and powerless

And it’s easy for you to take away the power we women don’t know we have

But it’s harder for you to keep the power from where it grew


So before you say to us that we are beautiful and attractive

Say to us that we a smart and intelligent

Because that is what we are

We can accomplish anything we set our minds too


Oh yeah, here’s something else you should know Society

Don’t forget to tell  men that we are our own

So the phrase “My woman”

Is not only uappreciated but it is wrong

We are not possessions and we can not be owned


So I say to you one last time

Dear Society

The imagine you have tactless self created for women is not only incorrect but it is inconsiderate

Because just when you tell us that we can't

We women will show you that we can


We women


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