Imagine by Lenniahelen

Imagine what I can do…

I can stop racism, or at least try to change the racist minds of the world.

Make others see that, we are all skin and bones, but with different souls.

We all can love each other and be happy, we might look different but we are definitely the SAME.

Imagine a world WITHOUT race, creed, or color; just a world full of gentle, optimistic, and happy souls.


Imagine what I can do…

I can protest police brutality, and work with others to try to make it stop.

Police are here to help us, not scare us and make us miserable.

Imagine me a cooperative black person being stopped by a police and NOT being mistreated, killed, or scared for my life, BUT actually being helped.


Imagine what I can do…

I can help others by letting them know that their life is valuable.

I can stop others from taking their lives by being there for them, by taking all the strength out of my body and giving it to them

because even though I don’t have enough strength for myself, they need it more than I do and they will ALWAYS deserve to be supported and loved.

Imagine a planet without suicide because everyone feels loved, and doesn't feel alone.


I can imagine all I want, but none of my imagination will matter if I don’t put any work behind it. So there WON’T be anymore “Imagine” what I can do, now it will be “watch me” and “help me” make my imagination reality.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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