Imagine This

The mind is a scary, scary place filled with demons and ghosts.

History may haunt us, the future may taunt us but the present simply wants us.

In a world filled with cruelty and woes, cold-hearted people live for the show.

But I tell you now, this is no way to live for a life without imagination is excessively vindictive.

Close your eyes and think of your happy place to go when times are tough and you simply do not know.

See the colors, feel the breeze, smell the sweet scent of happiness.

You can not live without food, you can not live without water, 

but could you picture a life without love from your daughter?

Could you survive a day without reminiscing on the past

or not think of sixteen at the scent of gas?

I mention these things to prove to you, imagination is there to help you get through.

Vivid images appearing in your brain, is that something you are willing to give up

 if even for only a day?

The mind may be dark but imagination is bright and as your imagination grows it appears as a star in the night.

The bright hue of gold popping on a black blank canvas, can you picture it now? 

Without imagination this image would vanish.

To each their own necessity in life, yet for me imagination is doing just alright.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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