Imagination or Reality?

Judgment, judgment

Other’s eyes and thoughts

look at me, stare at me

mock me, laugh at me


Did you hear anything?

No, I  didn’t

No? Nothing?



Imagination or reality?

Courage or fear?

Live under the eyes of others

I need courage

What takes you back?

Your imagination or reality?


Long ago in a foreign place

Now in this so-called

place called freedom


Air and wind separate me

from my reality and imagination

Did they laugh at me?

No, they did not

Then what did I hear?

You hear nothing


Why will they laugh at you?

Because I’m different

What’s different about you?

I can’t speak the language

as well as they did


Under the eyes of others

Their thoughts, their words

I cared, I fear, I lost

Will I be free in this so-called

the place of freedom?

Will I sing the song to others?


Imagination or reality?

Did you accept the reality?

Yes! Yes! Yes!


Now! Now! Now!


Judgment, judgment

Not to live under the eyes of others

Not their thoughts, not their words

Being part of this air, this wind

I’m different

I’m the same


In this place so-called

the place of freedom

I’m free!

I’m humming now

But I will sing someday

Under the eyes of others

By ignoring their thoughts

By stopping my imagination

Under the words of others



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