Tue, 04/12/2016 - 15:21 -- Kisaac


As endless as an universe but as dark as a black hole

It’s there in my dreams but gone when I’m awake

There is a jubilant side but also a melancholy side

It has everything I desire but holds everything I fear

The world I see when I close my eyes but not the world I see when I open them

I need it to stay sane but I use it to contain the insanity

Without it I’d be a human but a human confined by their reality

The logic behind my reasoning but the reasoning behind my illogic

Here I’m the greatest person alive but the only person alive

Without it I’m the controlled but with it I’m the controller

Here I’m alive and living but there I’m alive not living

I need it to distance myself but manipulate it to bring me closer

It is known as my imagination…. but also my reality

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