It's normal to have thoughts, ideas, questions.

But is it normal to have an imagination?

To let it wander so far into dreamlands that you'll wake up hours later not knowing where you are?

Or what you're doing?

Is it normal to see things no one else sees?

Then when you explain to them what you see, you're shot down for only being "outside the box."

It's horrible.

A terrible gift.

Being locked inside your cranium with just your imagination to set you free.

Actions and words not even accounted for or taken into consideration.

Such a hellhole to be in.

Wanting out and the only way in doing so is to imagine.

To create your own world where you have everything you could ever want and more.

Where everything goes the way you wanted and no one can say otherwise.

My own is far blown and I can no longer control it.

Can no longer see what's real and fake.

My imagination thinks of the best.

And the worst.

And the far off nastiest things come to life.

The most horrible, ghastly, nightmarish dreams being replayed, enlarged, out of perspective.

Brooding. Stretching. Yawning. Waking up.

Even scarier than what's in the dark.

Is what's in your head.

I only wish I could do the same.

Wake up.


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