Imaginary fantasies

She had everything he wanted
She was everything he needed
She was the perfect art piece everyone wished to plagiarize;
Her heart was crafted with perfection,
Her love was so perfect to be rated,
Her touch;
The warmth from her palms 
Knew how to cuddle with every nerve
Within him,
Every fluid within him,
Moved at a pace as unending as her love,
When she responded to his kisses, 
It was like responding and affirming to the call of eternity...
An eternity she never knew was meant for her to carry memories of a love that she knew;
Moments with a man that felt good with her,
And tears painted with blood dripping from a broken heart.
She had everything he wanted;
But everyday with her,
Made him want more
Leaving her lost in her eternity fantasies.


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