Imagery Poem



The day ended and the darkness

Falls from the wings of night,

As a feather is falling down

From a little bird in its flight.


I see the light in the town

Goes through the rain falling from the sky

And a feeling of sadness comes on me,

But my soul cannot resist.


A feeling of sadness falling,

That is not the common pain,

And resembles sorrow only.

As the rain keeps falling down.




Come read some poem to me.

Some simple poem that can touché my heart

That should wake up my feelings

And banish the bad thoughts from me.


Who thought long days of love,

And nights of feelings would

Still hear the music of love

Wonder for melodies and joy.


Such song have power to quite

The restless pulse of care,

And comes like we like

Becomes afterwards just like a daily prayer.

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I tried hard to make the poem up but finally I did it and I hope you like it and I hope is worth it or else maybe another time.

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