Image is a strong word
for girls and guys both. 
It's not the word of the bird,
but the sense of the matter. 
It's about what you can afford,
    and who's getting fatter. 
It's not about the deeds you've done. 
It's where you are on the social ladder. 
Is your hair curled? Are your shoes cleaned?
If not then you won't be seen,
at least not in that way, or so it seems. 
Our world today is so held up on the fact,
 that the only way to be seen
 is if we paint ourselves fake
 and spread ourselves thin 
 for others to prowl and take.  
 Is that what we want?
 Do we want to be seen that way?
 Ask yourself this...
 then why aren't some of us here to stay? 
 Why do some of us, and it pains me to say 
... leave us so early? When ,according to you, they were only a step away?
Because that's not what they 
wanted, Not even close. 
They didn't want those fancy clothes
and that fake life. 
They wanted to live,
live in a life where they wouldn't be judged,
or looked at weird for being themselves. 
Because you know what? 
Being yourself is more beautiful,
more beautiful than anything you could ever buy, 
anything you could ever change
and don't you ever forget that 
because it's about time you
    realized the facts. 


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