Im With You

Beneath the gray sky

I stand outside in dimmed dry land

Found myself daydreaming about you and me or am I caught again in an Illusion

Even I could not see through it purely

I could unbearably imagine that sad look on your face since the last time I saw you

I tried calling your name, can you hear me?

Can we ever look each other's eyes again

Holding unto these cups where we pour our hearts in

Oh I hope this Isn't another bittersweet love story

Because I feel like I've been reborn so we can start all over again

Now is the right time that I must throw away all of my childhood fears 

And face something that actually exist  


My Love as I move forward

I'll still be watching over you even from afar

And in a devil-may-care attitude I'll stand by you

Love you at times when you less love yourself                                    

Tell you silly stories and together we'll laugh at it 

Take pictures of you at your sweetest and most embarassing face

Nothing but hugs and kisses throughout the day

I know I am hopelessly romantic but my Love this is how I care

Even after everything's gone.

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Really enjoyed reading this poem! Awesome job!

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