I'm You.


Without filters we would all be the same

Bland, Blind, Blank

Same white canvas, same textured frame

Who I am I without a filter? 


We've all been through filters

The enviroment you live in, the school you learned in

The people you love and hate around you

Filters dont hide you, they found you


Filters in pictures are simply chosen

While humans endlessly fall through the sky of time

And individally crash through different filters

Which makes your life yours and my life mine


As our minds splash against these filters

Parts of it are left on the thin metal wires

As the rest waits until it's next transformation

Forming through circumstance, not creation


Because this "Z" chose to be red instead of its natural black

Is it being common, is it being fake?

Because it has gone through a filter and changed

Of course not, it is the opposite.


So who am I without a filter?

Im emotionless

Im programmed

Im unaware

Im lost

Im nobody


Who am I without a filter?

A response so short, simple and even corny it lowers my chances of getting this scholarship


Who am I without a filter?

I'm you without a filter







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