I'm Trying My Cars, Goodbye

Dear vehicles I drive,




First, you were the oldest of them

You were sturdy and strong

You held through my inexperience

My unsureness

My fear

I don’t blame you for your falling

But why?


Second, you have lived long

You were cared for, renewed

You were old yet I trusted you

Your experience

If not mine

Passed from owners

I was the last

You could have gone farther

So why?


Third, you were brought in haste

You, I wasn’t sure

I cared for you all the same

Your presence was assuring

We were going on a trip together

One you wouldn’t forget

But you left before the chance



Fourth, you were the newest

No offense to the others

But I liked you the best

You were just what I wanted

Comfortable and sure

I imagined the future

You were there with me

If I didn’t notice

I’m sorry, but why?


Fifth, you were not mine

You belonged to another

You were their first

I cared for you anyway

You had held strong

When the fourth departed

You were there for me

And them

I blame myself for your fall

I could have done better

Even so, why?


Sixth, you are not here yet

I will love you like the others

Care for you my best

Bear with me

And my fears

Stay strong

We will succeed

I hope we will go places

I hope there is no why


I’m trying my cars,


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