I'm too dark for you...


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My name is Sa’rabie, let me be your African Barbie
You see growing up I played with Barbie’s like they were a way of life, forgetting that life revolves around race and for a time I was sheltered from that side
For so long I thought color only existed in a Crayola box, until society took notice and made me realize…I’m too dark for you
The fluorescent lights that peak down on my skin show that we will never be the same
I hang my head in shame because realties have taught me that I’ve been playing hide and seek with myself, loosing myself, forsaking myself for you
Every corner I turn I cannot enter unless it’s from behind, Reminding myself that things will get better in time
That my son’s DREAM will NEVER be heard
And my four little girls will never grow old to learn, that our pigments are what make us unique
And the name calling is just a defense for the weak
We grow stronger everyday bearing witness to the world our ancestors never got to see
This would have made my grandmother so happy
But in all actuality civil rights remained unchanged
We are still fighting for something that we can’t reach
We are all God’s children no matter what you believe
Even with all of this fight, what will always remain true is that I am just too dark for you

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This is powerful!  Thank you so much for sharing it with our community at Power Poetry.  As I read, I can hear you speaking out loud--the rhythm is great.  I work for PP and I'd love to feature this on our social media (Facebook and Twitter).  Let me know if you're ok with us linking to your poem on our media pages :) 


That's great I love that you loved it and it would make me so happy to know that others are reading it! Thank you!


I, myself, am a very 60's civil rights movement poet (never would have guessed, huh) and I absolutely loved your poem. There is some rhyme but it doesn't take over the entire piece, and continues to be some freedom in the course of the writing. Was there a specific event that made you write this piece, Monetla?




It wasn't a particular moment it was the movement in general. I wanted to write something that was captivating but not too raunchy and still get my point across. My anger transcends in the lyrics and I wanted someone to hear me not just hear me. Your right I would never have guessed civil rights movement! It is a part of history that I am so intrigued with and continues to get my blood going no matter what, because we can always relate it back to something. I love that you enjoyed it! Thank you! Stay true to the lyrics....always

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