I'm A Teenager

Who am I they ask?

Well, I'm a teenager

I wake up; go to school; come back; do homework and repeat

My parents think I'm rebelious sometimes 

And I spent too much time on the internet

That's all there is to it..... right?

Well let me tell you one thing 

You're wrong

I am so much more complex than that 

Because one minute, 

I am the sun and the clouds 

But then the next,

I am a storm

I am a storm thats crashing down going 100 mph 

Destroying everything in my path

Not because I want to, but because it happens 

And then all of the sudden, 

I am the universe 

Expanding and stretching over miles and miles without some definte stop 

Continuosly evolving and changing and exploding inside

Because the one time

The one time I truly find who I am, 

Someone does something

And everything crashes down 

And I have to find myself al over again

And then I start to question myself, 

I start to question

If I truly am who I am 

Or if it's just an illusion 

That who I think I am is some delusional fragment of my mind that I made up

Because who I really am is some unimaginable object that I cannot bear to think of

But then, I remember to breathe

To breathe because my lungs feel like they're being suffocated by the world

To breathe because that's the only way to live on  

But none of that matters...right?

None of that matters because I'm just a teenager 

And accoding to society, 

Teenagers aren't supposed to be having problems like these 

They're supposed to be happy and carefree

But I'm not like that 

We're not like that 

I worry so much  more

And I feel way too much 

And I think way too much 

But I guess I'm just a fragment 

A small being 

In this world filled with 7 billion people

My problems are just a tiny piece of everything 

I am 1 person among billions 

And that, gives me peace 

So who am I they ask?

Who am I among those 7 billion people

Here's the answer 

I don't know


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