I'm Still Standing


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People don’t understand

Those who are crying to be heard

They hear the intelligence in their screams

Students in Honor Rolls and Ap’s


Waiting to be noticed

Waiting to be found

They may be there

But there heart is broken, unsound


They wear bracelets,

They got at some science fair

They wear long sleeves

They got from “Its Academic” or a spelling bee


They hide their scars.

They try so hard

To be a normal person

They try to act with reason


But organization

Can only help a person,

Who is ordinary

Not someone extraordinary


So sing with me

If you ever felt broken down

If you ever felt like you can’t take it

If you ever want to just end it


Life is not about the scars on your wrist

Life is not about the alcohol that exist

Life is not about the puffs of drugs

Life is about love


I look at my scars.

The life Io have lived so far

My past is written

Deep into my skin


But I’m still standing here

I’m still living with the demons I fear

Life might not be easy

But I'm still living.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 


I love the honesty, feel free to share more poetry!

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