I'm Sorry My Anchor

Dear My Anchor,

I know I did you wrong, so I admitted to my mistake.

I'm doing anything I can just to put a smile back on your face.

It's like they say, "If loving you is wrong, then I'm not tryna be right."

Cause love is love and I'm not gonna stop putting up this fight.

See, you're the only one that's captured my mind and my emotions,

And I don't know when you'll understand that I'm not tryna put up with anyone else's notions.

You're the only one I see, the only girl on my mind.

I finally my focus on the right track this time.

You see I'm done playing games,

And like PnB, I'm hanging up my jersey.

Cause with you it's really different,

I can actually see a future,

Not just one year, but multiple.

And I'm praying you see it too,

Cause I'd hate to be the only one.

But sometimes love is like that,

You never know when it's right.

But the feelings I get with you are completely and truly different.

You'll always hold a special place in my heart, no matter what goes down between us.

They could ask me, "Who holds the key to your heart?", "Who's always on your mind?"

And I'll say your name so much that they'll never forget who you are.

I'll never forget who you are,

My Anchor.

Love Always,

Your Bree


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