I'm sorry

It was a cold morning
She woke up feeling lonely
she tossed around the bed hoping to find him
only to get hold of a sheet wrapped in a cold envelope

"What is going on" she said to herself
"He wouldn't leave so early without my morning breakfast and kiss" she murmured to herself
lets see what's on this paper that was her last word

I'm sorry,
i don't know i don't know what to say
I'm sorry if I'm about to break your heart
I'm sorry cause it hurt writing this in tears
I'm sorry but i couldn't hold back anymore
I've done some bad things and i don't want to make you pay for my mistakes, i don't want to make you give up your life for my sins.

I'm sorry I'm letting you off on this note, you've got your life ahead of you, you're strong with potentials you can move on without me in it.

I'm so sorry if I'm making you cry so hard, I'm sorry if i made you think you loved the wrong person,
God knows I've loved you from the very moment we became friends,
God knows I've been in love with you for so long and I'm still in love with you even while writing this letter, God knows you're the very best of me, the only woman who brought life into my nonexistence life, you've given your all to me and now it's time i give you the best thing you deserve.

Don't waste your life because I'm gone, don't look for me because there will be no result. I'll be by your side every night and day holding you even when you cry, I'll be your light even when darkness tries to cover you.
please remember I'll always love you from afar cause you have my heart.

with a loud noise she fell on the floor crying, screaming and tearing. her heart yearn for the one she loved but he was gone, her body crave for the one they fell for but he was no more.
she cried for him but he wasn't there, all she have left of him were pictures, picturesque and memories of the times and moment they spent together, their tears and laughter she will forever love and cherish.
Though he might not be there with her but his love is always there as her strength because the flower you love you water and not pluck off.

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