I'm So Sorry

I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean to make you cry.

I didn't realize that because I'm a guy

I'm always in the wrong,

But society's only singing this one song.


We're failures

And we're cheats.

We're perverts

And we're deadbeats.


We have no honor,

Nor can we walk.

We can only stumble.

We can only gawk.


At your bodies

At your looks

We can't be the heroes

That we see in the books.


And I realize that we do this,

I know that it's not right.

I realized we've gained a reputation

For what we do in the night.


And I'm not blaming you girls,

In fact I agree,

That the dress code should be the same

For both you and me.


If guys have no restraint

Well, then that's on us,

Because no matter what you girls wear

We should be able to fight against our lust.


But the billboards

The websites

All of the ads.

Why do they have to make us fight

Against all of that?


I'm talking about society,

And the way that they see me

As a young straight male teen

You think we all feel the same things?


You know what would help against the raping?

You know what would help reduce sexual abuse?

Not forcing girls to conform to an image that yes is quite hard to resist,

But also not forcing them to follow a code

Where gender equality is obviously missed.

Let's take down those billboards.

Let's get rid of those sites.

And can't we just make it illegal

To post porn publicly online?


But really, let's get rid of the idea

That genders have to interact in a certain way.

That we can all be put into boxes

And it's there that we have to stay.


Guys can show restraint,

Though girls should think about why they wear certain things.

Is it for comfort, style, or just to get guys to notice you

And guys, just cause they do doesn't mean you have to

I realize that society's told us

We have to wear a certain thing.

Show some "class" and "style."

But when style is how much of your body can you show

I think in reality your "class" is really low.

Don't put yourself to their standards

Live your life the way you plan it.


And I'm sorry if I seem like I

Am fighting against women's rights.

I'm really not I just think

That sometimes we forget that

There needs to be a working relationship,

Where we meet each other halfway.

And I'm not trying to offend anyone,

But in the silence I refuse to stay.


While people get hurt

And while people complain.

While people hack away

At my good name.


Just because I'm at that age

Just because I've made mistakes

Just because I've been taught

That this is what we have to do

When it's really not.


I'm so sorry

For what we've done.

I'm so sorry

Now I'd better run


From the guns they'll be shooting

From the criticism I'll be taking

Because I've taken a different perspective

And maybe I'm wrong, but I do believe this.


I'm not trying to make it seem

Like we're better than we are.

I'm just trying to heal

These wounds before they leave scars.


Why can't people understand?

I'm so sorry.

I'm just trying to make this right

I'm trying to win this fight

For everyone

Not just myself.

I'm not taking anybody's feelings

And putting them on the shelf.

But if it seems this way,

If I've hurt anybody,

If these are follies in which I believe

I'm so sorry.


But at least I'm actually trying.


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My community
My country
Our world
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This is so beautiful 


Thank you. I appreciate that.


You shouldn't have to apologize for being a straight man.  Society is full of crap for the way they treat men.


im a girl, but i stand 100% by what you say, men and women should be equal, and that means men respecting women, and women not labeling men as "villeins." 


This is so beautiful and wonderful!

You don't need to apologize all the time like that. You're not wrong at all. You just showed your mind and let people know what you think about this society.

To me, this is completely right btw.

Thank you for showing us such a great poem!


That is so powerful. Thank you for writing that so that people can see  different perspective. It is beautiful.


nice one


It's really worry and we are too sorry


We need more people like you in the world ❤

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