I'm Shreddin

Fri, 11/01/2013 - 12:44 -- aysial


Why go through the trouble?
We both from the same friends, same world
Please tell me you aren’t doing this to put another dime to your name
Another step to your staircase
Full of lies and deceit
Steady climbing huh
Oh the Places we go
Thots and Hoes is the only people you would find
But I heard this is only a game
But Baby let me tell you I am the game
Play me and you might lose yo state of mind
Yo Dignity to stay at the top of my staircase
The thing is I see right thru those eyes of phoniness
But forgive me for being naïve
For me not being myself
For me trying accelerate my game
This is why I don’t get into things like this
I told you that if I did it, I didn’t want it goin around tarnishin my name
But as I said it would it did
Now what am I to do
Cry in a pillow
Hunt down every nigga till I find out who told
I’m better than that
I’ll just step to the side
I’m about to go on my journey
I will never see your face again
I will never walk in the same city\
Better yet the same state as you
State of Mind
Mind Sex
The same dream
Dreams of togetherness
Never that
Just a broken heart


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