"I'm The Sea" Says Poseidon

May the storm channel my thoughts with Honor

And may the Sea be my voice of armor 

For I am the only God of the Sea, Storms, Earthquakes, and Horses.

Not this so called Aquaman you put before me who claims to command 

The ocean with a Trident. 

I'm the Sea! I bare the only Trident that provides for you.

Because of me you sail at high speeds, with the wind billowing against

your sails. 

How Dare You Defile Your GOD!

I fight off any enemy who dares threaten you amomngst the sea with your Battles

I wash them ashore for you so that you may bare no more.

For I am the Sea.

May the air be my hair of beauty to help all living creatures breathe such as your 

Horses you gallop on, feeling Proud and Mighty.

I gave you that Pride, I can easily take it away with the change of the weather

For I am the sea.

Instead I Bless you allowing the sun to be my hands, shining light upon the

Golden Door because I am the Sea.




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