I'm Poetic At Heart

I'm Poetic At Heart
The whole art of versification,
the whole psychology of poetic rhythm,
play's along with time .

Life is the volume of a poetic manual 
poetic Rhythm that plays in the heart and mind 
Various trails have been played in a life time .

The poetic heart makes a spark to 
write his poetic lines of Rhythm for the world to read 
To express where the poetic life has been .

I am a poetic at heart 
with a deep poetic spark of the dark ,
sometimes I write when my heart was made to bleed .

It's like my poetic music to my soul ,
only a poetic would know what my heart has to hold,
I speak out in poetic Rhythm of my blues , 
like a nasty Flu lost with out You .

I'm outside looking at the me 
somehow it got me thinking about you ,
I'm sitting , thinking , breathing 
with Ink pen in my hand 
I sip at life of the could bee's of my dreams .

What a nightmare my poetic heart scream ,
I must write it down in silk Ink 
I could get up and walk away from my pains 
But then I would lose the Rhyme of the time 
of things I could say abut my poetic heart break .

So I sit down and cry my poetic lines 
But it is like chasing dreams ,
Shadows of a past that keep hunting at me ,
I am a Poet at heart and soul ,
Beaten down as I go ,

I am not Rich , yet I am Poor ,
I don't look in to someones else dreams ,
I've lived my own sometimes without a home ,
I lost yet I have won in the long run 
Because every line I write will last a life time .

Lilly Emery



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