I'm A Poet


United States
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I'm a poet for those little moments 

That I want to remember just right 

So I take out a pen and write what you 

Said that was worth remembering. 


I'm a poet for the shallow hope

That I will be revered and loved. 

I model the greats like Milton and Yates

And pray that history notices me. 


I'm a poet because while voices fade,

Hands stiffen on keys, bodies go gray,

Words have no age limit, so 'til my last 

Breath I can type, write, and rhyme. 


I'm a poet because I crave the beauty 

That accompanies a meadow captured 

In meters, metaphors, and personification

So I can see it wherever life may lead. 


I'm a poet because I have to be. 

My head echoes words and ideas, 

My fingers ache for pens and pencils

And I am powerless unless I create. 


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