I'm Obsessed With You

For Monique

Would you like to talk to me before you go to bed?
I’m lying down by myself, facing a patch of boredom.

I can’t fall asleep tonight because you’re on my mind.
The only thing I can do is send you some text messages.

I honestly think you’re an exceptionally kind person.
And I want to embrace you and kiss you every day.

I’ve been lusting after you since the first semester.
Sometimes I fantasise about you and me making love.

I hope you don’t mind me expressing my feelings.
I’m obsessed with you and I wish you were my lover.

Sweetie, don’t you realize that I’m crazy about you?
I’d give anything to hear you say you love me too.

My heart beats fast when we have a conversation.
And I wouldn’t dare talk to you about eros in person.

I don’t want to annoy you or make you uncomfortable.
But I can’t let time slip away and not say something.

Monique, you’re such an irresistible young woman.
Nothing on this planet can compare to your beauty.

Your manner and appeal enamour my heart greatly.
And I just can’t inhibit my desire for you to love me.


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