Im Not Who I Am

 I once fell in love

Just for a trill of satisfaction

I would kiss her lips and wait for an reaction

I would hold her with passion and tell her storys of how I see us ever lasting

We would hold hands and figure out future plans

Well...time went on...

A young handsome king without his queen

She desired the new feeling of what "love" is

With a gangster living the life without R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Funny to me because now her bestfriend wants a relationship with me

So I gave her the key

I took her on trips I was saving for the week

More than you know we had a baby on the way

Her bestfriend wanted to ask her to come too our wedding

I wonder ... would she hate me after all these years

Im not the man I used to be

Dropping tears by tears

Like an angel walking down a glowing light stair case

I was ready... I prepared so good that my shoes were polished & laced

A slap on my face as I woke up Out of my dream

" Baby wake up I would never leave you.. I heard you talking in your sleep again.. how could you?"

Im Sorry but im not who I am...

I'v just been waiting for you to mess up so I can get with your bestfriend...





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