I'm not the person you may think you know


Most people think I'm this bad person 

The person their parents told them not to be friends with 


I wear a mask because


You can't be the person you really are in front of anyone 

Because, if you do

They will wrip you apart 

I want people to believe that I dont give a fuck about anything 

I want them to believe they can't hurt me 

I put on the most biggest bravos that any of you see 

The truth is.. 

I do it because, I dont want to get hurt anymore

I actually care about basically everything 

If I said something really bad to someone 

I'll be thing about it for days because, 

I wouldn't want people saying that to me 

I get hurt so easily even over the littlest things 

That honestly don't really matter 

Like, if someone who doesnt even know me 

calls me a freak or acts like I'm the devil 

It'll seriously bother me for a really long time 

I have aweful anxiety problerms 

I can't go anywhere without thinking about

Wither I'm making an aweful chance or not like 

If I go into McDonalds 

It'll take me at leats 10 minutes to order something 

Or, If I go to a park and my brother or sister asks me to

climb something..

I'll try to do it but When I get half way there 

My brains automatcailly goes to all the bad stuff that'll happen to me 

I really dont want anyone to know I have those kind of problems 

Because, we as a society judge too quickly 

And, more than half them time we'll treat people differently 

If we think they have a "disability" 

Because, if we dont.. We'll feel bad

And.... I dont want anyone feeling bad for me.. 

This is who I am 



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