I'm Not Just A Number


It is harder today, I must tell you

Than school in nineteen-eighty-three

So please take a seat here and listen

I'm not just a number, I'm me


The hallways are sardined with bodies

The stairs are a dangerous place

I'm rushed and I'm pushed and on most days

I can't wait to get out of this place


I remember a time when I loved school

My teacher would hug me and smile

We'd laugh and we'd talk and she knew me

Now I'm just a number on file


It isn't that hard to be friendly

To a classroom of kids you must reach

I wish that you teachers remembered

That you signed up to do this, to teach


All I want is a little compassion

I'm a teenager lost and alone

I'm moody and needy, I get that

So here are some things you should know


I'm not sure I trust all my friendships

I stress eat most ev-er-y-thing

All I want is to get into college

I'm wound up so tight, I go 'twing'


Why's it hard to speak to me nicely?

I want to do well in your class

No one likes the kid that disrupts you

Let him give the principal sass


Sometimes I'll miss an assignment

Would it kill you to cut me some slack?

I don't really care about quotients

I just want to earn my 'A' back


I'd like to think that you like me

I'd like you to have a great day

I'd still like to laugh, to talk and to hug

I'd still like to hear teacher say


"Good job, dear Gracie you're awesome!

Your work is incredibly bright!"

Or "You don't seem yourself. You seem lost, hun.

Let me help you to make it alright."


I know that you don't make much money

Your workload is vast and extreme

Government tests are lengthy and boring

But what is it that makes you so mean?


I want you to know that I'm trying

I've distractions you cannot perceive

Please teacher, please notice, I matter

I'm not just a number I'm me

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