I'm Not Here to Please You

Sometimes I lie

And sometimes cheat

And sometimes I hide

What makes me so me.

I suck in my gut

When I see a camera flash,

I sit quietly in class

And try not to make a splash.

Because that is what girls

Are expected to do;

To not talk too much,

To be pretty for you.

Girls are




And smiling.

Always willing

And supportive,

Never testing

And trying.

But of course the truth is,

Deep down inside,

Past the media-pushed make-up

And polite pleasantries,

And the patriarchal obedience

Taught in elementary,

I am strong.

I am fierce.

I won't stand by your side

And look happy and thoughtless;

I won't let myself hide.

Past the Instagram filter,

Past the tinted hues;

I am my own person,

I have my own views.

I am flawed.

I am perfect.

I am beautiful and bold.

I can agree.

I can argue.

I can throw rhyme scheme away.

Because despite all of the societal restrictions and rules,

I am who I am.

I'm not here to please you.




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