I'm more than just my child!

I don't have kids

But I have some friends who do,

Always looked at as just another teenage mom,

Can never excel in life because they have a child,

Before having dreams... Now living to that statistic

Thinking: "I'm just my child..."

"Let me do for my child."

Which is great we need more mothers like that

But you are still a person and a child yourself

You can still be in school

Get a career,

Doing better for your child & yourself.

I will help you with that,

Look at me as that helping hand

I will help you continue your education,

Help you find a job,

Even try and help you become a better person,

Just follow my rules and I will do for you.

Everyone deserves "2nd Chances"

(I feel like teen mothers need to stop living with that fact that they can't go further in life I want to give them the chance in the future to do what have to do for themselves and their children. Select 12 teen mothers put them all in a home and have them live there til they are 18 and ready to be on there own)  



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