Hour Glasses wasn't always her style
More like animations with, but how
They were always absent beside her
But a Kick got her ready for the smile that would glide her
Rats tried comforting her junk
But May Kept watch out for hump
High Pitched people she always watched, even though she is english
Hoping her smarts go on her stomach like a penguin
May's worse days come from a pen and pad
But those slanted eyes gave her grin a left jab
May is just trying
Instead of waiting for her birthers to help, to keep lying
Her Best showing is the family with a unique wow
With her skin dreaming of a mate of a foreign style
Smiles always was her taste
Thats why Japaneese Dubs always kept up the paste
Her Imagines are limited to the average
But the right circle made her feel like She is a master
How does she pull off her Geekiness with the world,
Being only 21 and blackwith Foreign with anime curls
Maybe insperation from her idols
or her favorite asian slayer defeating his rivals

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Our world
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