I'm Learning

I’m learning what it takes to be a mother

I’m selfish and I need to recover

With my words I don’t trip nor do I stutter

So why in my mind is it a clutter?


I’m learning how it feels to be a mother

Her smile, her hugs, her heart, there’s no other

I’m drowning in her love, my heart flutters

So why are my emotions deep down in a gutter?


I’m learning what to do as a mother

To sacrifice my happiness for another

I’m feeling hopeless, but if she needs me, I hug her

If nothing is in my control, at least I know I will love her


I’m learning how to change as a person

Life hits me with distractions and diversions

Don’t know where to go, which direction to turn in

I’m her mother, but she’ll lead me, cause I’m still learnin’

This poem is about: 
My family
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