I'm Just The Same

People just look at me
Look enough to stare
Not noticing the inside of me
They just look at the clothes I wear

They don't know how I feel
They think I'm always glad
But there's something they don't know
I'm the one who's feeling sad

They think I always winning
But really I always lose
They think my life is so great
But they couldn't stay one day in my shoes

You may think I'm strong
You may think I'm tough
But you have no idea my life is so rough
Every time I'm in my room

You'll see water go down my eyes
You'll ask me what's wrong
I'll put on a fake disguise

People say that I am too good to get hurt
But I'm just like everyone else
I wish that could work

Everybody says I look too good
And I'm just a tease
But I cry my eyes out then put on a cheese

When love came into my life
Surprisingly that was something I feared
I never thought I'd be feeling like this in all my 18 years

Yes, I've been in love
Yes, I got hurt
You would have thought all she do is fight & flirt

But you are wrong about everything
I was wrong at it too
Now I see love's agony
And what it can do

That's why I'm here
To throw away this stress & strife
To start all over
Maybe a new life

But people over here
Is the same as over there
They just look at your appearance
And the style of your hair

Never to look in the inside of me
Never to care
I was brought into this world
Realizing life's not fair

So if you really think...
I look too good
I dress too nice
I never get hurt

I'll never stay by a guy’s side
And the word LOVE
I can't describe
You're wrong about that too

I'm just like everyone else around me..
I'm just like you

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