i'm just a kid

i'm just a kid living in an ADULT world

ruled not by people, but trees.

as much power as humankind believes it has,

our desires motives are enticed by money.

ADULTS tell me to grow up and i'll understand one day,

but i sit back,



why would anyone want to grow up in a world that ADULTS created.

the violence on tv

the lustfulness that consumes us.

oh desires.

we desire to have so much

we want to give back so little.

is this really the world we want to grow up in?

so i will not grow up.


i will keep my mind simple

i will let my mind wander

i will keep my mind creative

it is something that we lose when we grow up:

how to play

how to draw

how to create

how to wander.

instead we learn to conform, and forget artful expression.

so art, like poetry, is forgotten.

where we forget to wander




i'm just a kid though

so what do i know.

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My country
Our world
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