I'm Just a Child

I come home early like you said I should,

But you stare at me like I intrude.

This is my home too mother.

So stop treating me like I am a bother.


Why do you forget that I am just a kid?

Why is it that every day you call me stupid?

Mummy! Daddy! I am just a child.

At me, I don’t remember the last time you smiled.


I am just a child with needs.

Like you, I am a human being who feeds.

Why don’t you feed me or clothe me?

Oh mummy, oh daddy, why don’t you love me?


Please I beg you, don’t leave me alone in the cold.

What I need from you is not gold.

I just need you to be my parents once again.

I just want to feel your motherly love once again.


But if you don’t want me,

God will never leave me.

If you can’t love me God will love me.

He will send his angels to keep me warm with their wings.

He will make sure that one day, I wine and dine with kings.


One day I will wine and dine with kings.

But to a child I will never speak a word that stings.

I will always be there for the little ones.

My love for the child will always weigh tonnes.

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My community
My country
Our world
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