I'm Human Too

Mon, 12/22/2014 - 15:05 -- Nubci4


United States

I walk through the streets of this little town called home

I always think I’m alone

But, then I listen closely to the wind that blows to and fro

whispering my name and words of encouragement

“You’re not alone”

“You never were”

I just have to open my eyes to the people around me

I have to see the possibilities and opportunities given to me

Yeah, some people say if a door closes on you in your life

another one opens

But, how can I go for that door if I can’t even see it

That’s me

The girl who can’t even begin to think about another chance

I bury myself in my own thoughts

I’m always the quiet one

The quiet one that everyone thinks has the perfect life

Well, that isn’t the case

I cry too

I hurt too

The girl you see in those pictures with a smile on her face doesn’t always smile like that

I yell in frustration at myself too

I get angry and hate people too

Isn’t it only humane if someone has all of these feelings?


People say, “smile” when taking pictures

When I see that camera in front of me, I try to put on my best smile

But, I can’t

My smiles are all fake.

I try to be that perfect girl that everyone thinks I am



I’m just a girl with endless flaws

I’m not perfect

I’m not that perfect girl that people make me out to be

I’m human too

I can’t take all of the stress that everyone gives me

I want to smile genuinely too

But, how can I when people don’t give me the time?



I don't think anyone sees the door.

I always seem to blunder visionless through mine.

Being happy is definitely a war,

But it's one worth fighting, and I have a feeling you'll be fine.


Thank you for the kind comments.

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