I'm here to Stay.

Sometimes you need the silence to really find your Self.

Stop trying to impress you better be your Self.

Never let money or a nigga make you be something Else.

Remember your special don’t ever try and sell your Self.

Granny always said honey your Gold.

Don’t be like these niggas out here selling their Soul.

You are the future you are so much more,

don’t settle for less than what you can Afford.

You are important do you here what I Say.

Yes, I am important and I am here to Stay.

Ya’ll trying to have a good time but I didn’t come to Play.

Yall mad for my success you better learn to Pray.

Friends come and go but I don’t really care these Days.

I came here on my own and in the end, I’ll be Okay.

Haters say I’m acting different I think yall mad cause I’m finally Living.

Salty cause I take advantage of all the shit I’ve been Given.

I refuse to live my life locked in a Prison.

I move through the dark like I got perfect Vision.

Nobody can touch I am the clear Division.

If you gonna rock with me you better bring your” A” game.

Channel your anger and write down all of your Pain.

Don’t let these “heffas” out here drive you Insane.

They want you to fall then watch your body Drain.

They ain’t your friends they like a bad leg Sprain.

They shooting bullets like I ain’t got nothing to Gain.

Yall praying for the sun but I’m waiting for it to Rain.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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