I'm Here

I'm Here by choice.

You're here by chance. 

It was just a blink of an eye or your time past due.

You don't know what to do but I do. 

You don't want to say goodbye and neither do I but maybe it is time to fly. 

I listen to your beating heart and may poke and prick you.

But only to keep you here longer. 

I am in dirty scrubs and walking on tired feet.

But I am here by choice.

And you're here by chance. 

I want to comfort you and stop the crying but I am probably crying with you. 

But its ok becuase I am here by choice because you are here by chance.

I want to be an angel.

an angel with a sethoscope. 

because this is my choice and I want to be here.

So I will be here. 



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