I'm Here..

My mouth is closed

My heart is loud.

Loud enough to realizes the real eyes on your face are pouring tears down your cheek.

Reaching for your hand

how fast you pull away

'Leave me alone!" you say

meaning.." Don't...Don't ever leave me.

i could never

I would never,

never leave my love alone.

To fend the battle of his emotions by himself?


How could I not hold you, until your angry,


inhales slowly calm down into soothing exhales?

How could I not hold you hand until the flames of your pain somehow burn out?

I'll wait

til the end of time for you to get better

thats what I want

No...thats what i need

I need you babe

I need you to get better

let me know youre better?

"I'm ok. I'm alright. I'm fine" you say,

You think I don't understand?

I Understand..clearly

I know how you work.

you say ok....thats means "help get me through this"

Alright...means barely making it

Fine...you'll cope.

i dont want you to just cope.

I really hope

you wont use that rope

to tug away from me.

Cause I'm not leaving

i'm not moving

I'm not loosing you

I refuse to..

Let me wipe those tears,

those unhappy tears.

Cause I'm here

the light at the end of tunnel of misery,

to push through the storm of loneliness.

come home...come home to my heart.

youre always welcomed..

so when you feel useless,


or helpless.

I'll be there...endless.


















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