Im Here

My names Tara Lynn, well not really but hey lets go with it. Some say im smart and some say i dont amount to shit. My arms were cut, numb, and blistered, sorry for my language, for its not filtered. I spent my life on the right path, til my dad decided to split, and took the wrong path. He hated me so much, he tried to end his life, til that day my mama took that knife away before that final slice. I began to hate myself so much i got angry, that anybody that crossed my path or looked at me wrong, would have to pay me. I stole, i cut, i fought, i know. I became so fucking angry and it felt like id explode. I screamed, i yelled, i became insane, no one understood my hurt and my pain. Someone told me "stay calm honey, its okay to cry your parents love you honey there is no reason for wanting to die" All I wanted was for him to apologize, for him hating me so much and telling lies. For him to accept me for who I am, and who i was before, before he decided to leave that door. The tears flew down my face, i finally had to embrace. That two wrongs dont make a right, for i didn't see that message before but now it became so bright. I want you to listen and understand dad, ill never neglect my kids like you had. Although im a lady, i feel like a man cause my children will know how their grandfather had ran. From his responsibilities of raising his daughter, forgot her, deserted her, mistreated her. Through it all i still survive, although today i still cry. For its for the joy my children give me, and i know that GOD hears me. He took me for a bad place, letting me know i can still win this race.I know GOD'S with so i have nothing to fear, i could've died but hey Im here!!


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