I'm Here

At you the voices claw
They hem and haw
Telling you you didn't see what you thought you saw
And that for you, he would never truly fall
That of his heart he could not give you half, definitely not it all
And you clamp your hands over your ears
Through the crack coming from your bedroom door my parents' beady eyes leer
No one cares, no one will help, the only thing you truly have is fear
And you are not here
Not here
Not here
But me?
I'm here
I'm here
I'm the fingers flowing through your hair
You try to call it a breeze
But you know it's me
I'm the scream in the wind
You can try to pretend
But everything is as it seems
And I DESERVE to live again
THe voices whisper
My voice joining in tickling, not tickling, tingling, burning in your ear
The time is near
Finally you lay there in the bathtub, so cold
And the red water is now still and stale, so old
Your body releases one final shudder
The voices gleefully mutter
Your eyes unblinking under the water
And you're gone
But me?
I'm here
I'm here


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