I'm Grown

Walking across the stage,

Head held high,

Smile on my face,

Proud of myself.

I made it.

Thinking I’m grown now,

I can handle anything,

No problem.

Summer went fast,

Had me a blast,

Then came the last day,

 Had to leave and drive away.

8-hour drive,

Feeling so alive.

I’m on my own now,

The word no is no longer around now

Met so many like me,

Faces grinning filled with glee.

We grown now.

Fun died down,

8 am came around.

Sleepless nights,

Typing away with might.

Deadlines, midterms and finals,

Oh yeah, I’m grown now,

On my own now.

No wake-up calls now,

No do your homework baby now.

I’m grown,

So, It’s all on me now.

Pass or fail yeah it cost now.

Focus now,

Do your best now,

Don’t give up now,

You never alone now,

It’s a prayer over your head right now.

My time is now,

My future starts now,

I’m really grown.





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