I'm Going to Die Young: A Midnight Collection

Mon, 12/05/2016 - 04:18 -- CH

There's light in the night,

when the sounds die down,

and the rhythmic whoosh of the car,

is the only thing,

in the safe distance,

there's peace in the night.


When the lights go off,

and you dive back into your sheets,

cower in fear my dear,

because that's when the monsters hunt.

One to steal your breath,

one to stop your heart,

and the last one to take your soul.


I am the beast you never expect.

The stories only tell you of

the child's fears;

the clawed monsters or,

a fanged savage.

But they always fail to warn you

of the real things that go bump in the night.

The thumps of steady beatings,

and the cry of a dying child.


The metaphorical heart,

is made of shattering glass,

a single blow can destroy,

it beyond repair and,

it is irreplaceable.


try to glue it back together,

but what you end up with,

won't be a heart,

but a thousand little fragments.


A restless mind and a lost spirit,

with no place to find solace.

A tiring journey,

without destination.

The mindless wandering of a,

searching soul.

The staccato beat of a,

foundling not found.


Another piece find its place

in the unfinished game of puzzle;

the puzzle of life,

one after another,

just a few more to go,

until the last one is in the hands of the living,

but how unfortunate,

that a game of puzzle,

is so often flipped off the table?


I'm too young to love,

I'm too young to understand,

I'm too young to drink,

I'm too young to drive,

I'm too young to do,

I'm too young to act,

I'm too young to change,

I'm too young to move,

I'm too young to decide,

I'm too young to want,

I'm too young to need,

I'm too young to live,

I'm too young to die.

Lucky that everything's relative,

Isn't it?

So lucky, that young isn't quite so,

Young anymore?


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