I'm going to be here awhile

the storm has settled.

finaly I wake,
sway sway,
on board a small sailboat, big enough for three.
white seeps through cracks in wood,
creek creek,
my bare feet,
salt clings to my face,
my damp body,
creek creek,
walks across a floor cluttered.
the water whispers against the hull,
I rest in a gentle cradle,
sway sway.

I open the hatch,
no wind,
moonlight on the sound of the sea,
sway sway,
the air is cool.

I look around,
no land,
moonlight on the sound of green endless water,
sway sway,
the moon peers down at me.

the sea reflects the sky,
sway sway,
a quiet energy swirls around, and around,
a chilling nothing is the sound,
destination not yet birthed.
sway sway,
I lay apon the floor,
staring at a wide sea sky,
tiny breezes lick the foam,
sprinkle the stars,
I wonder not my location,
or why and how.

I'm going to be here awhile.

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