I'm Going Back

I'm going back
Back to the darkness where I can't find anything that makes me happy or anything that makes me want to be here
The darkness of depression that looms over me like a storm cloud, following me around and raining, draining me at the worst of times
I'm going back
Back to the past that haunts me as I close my eyes and drift to sleep
Flashbacks are my future if I live in my head like this, like I do, the flashbacks fold my feelings, twist them and distort them, until they're not my feelings at all, at least not the me of now
I'm going back
Back to my old self and all my old habits, destruction follows the path I lead and it seems that everything I touch turns to dust, dies
Everything I was, I am now, I can see my way ahead laid in front of me as clear as day, glowing to make sure I follow it, the light at the end bribing me, egging me to go on
I'm going back
Back to thinking I'm not worth it and thinking that everyone in my life would be better off without me, because they would be, wouldn't they?
My self-esteem going down, down, down, breaking down like my heart and mind, fracturing all I hold dear until they disappear.
I'm going back
I can't go back, I won't make it out this time
But there's nothing I can do if
I'm going back

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