I'm free

I'm finally free from your spell
I saw you one last time my heart didn't jump my eyes didn't cry
Yes you feel familiar but thats always going to be the same
We talked and finally had a serious conversation without a fight
It was nice to see you without having any feelings
But what you said next made me feel sorry
You said even if I was the o e who left you again...
I will always care,love,and want you to myself
I smiled and said yea I know but not anymore
I'm always going to love you but I had taken out the arrow
This time I will find someone who won't leave me when ever they please
We could still be friends and hang out since you are a good guy
But as of feelings there's nothing there anymore
7 years and it has finally come out
Its over
I'm free
I have my heart back in my hands
I dont know what to do with it?
But for now all I care about is that I'm free


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