I'm Fine


Things are not what they seem,

Things are not what they appear

In a world where people judge you on something as simple as what you wear.

No things are what they appear

Things are not what they seem

In a world where pain is hidden so deep.

Deep inside never allowed to see the light of a day

And we just continue going on like everything is okay.

Day by day we put this smile on our face

And life moves at such fast pace that something we can forget

You see there’s no time to reflect because if you do

The pain will consume you

No it’s better this way

That’s right keep moving

keep smiling

Keep telling them:

“No, I’m okay. I’m fine”

When you know it’s just a great big lie

Things are not what they seem

Things are not what they appear

You’ll never see me shed a tear

Nope because I keep everything bottle up in here.

See I smile and I laugh

But truth it’s all a great big act

I pretend I just don’t care,

But I hear everything you say about me,

I hear my parent’s screaming,

Just because you ignore something doesn’t mean it goes away

But you’ll never see how much it bothers me.

No, things are not what they appear.

Things are not what they seem.

Because truth is I just want to scream!

Can’t you see me, don’t you hear me!

I’m standing right here!

Can’t you see how this world

This pain that’s hidden in here

is tearing me apart?

No? You don’t do you?

Fine I’ll keep playing this part

And tell you what you really want to hear.

“Oh, no I’m fine.”

Insert smile here.


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