"I'm Fine"

“I’m Fine”

I shattered into a million pieces that you decided to leave behind

You left and I said everything will be just fine.

“I’m fine”

I lived the next few months in isolation thinking why did I let you into my life

It wasn’t supposed to be this way, you were supposed to be my light.

“I’m fine”

“We can still be friends” with that normal smirk as tears rush down my cheek

The universe knows that will never happen, if only I could speak.

“I’m fine”

I was left to pick up the shards with my eyes flooded with tears

Not realizing I was just breaking every piece until they all disappeared.

“I’m fine”

Nothing hurts me anymore, not even those workouts during practice

I just feel I hurt those that help me grow just like a cactus.

“I’m fine”



I find myself in situations I can’t fix 

I feel less confident even though I try 

I just feel like falling on a bunch of vertical sticks

And yes I did want to die.




I bloomed

I found who I am 

what I am capable of

I was all I needed because I was all of the above


There is nothing left to worry about

You never worried anyways

Rain or shine, just know

I’m fine


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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